Welcome to Matts Flying

Matts Flying is a Recreational Training Facility located in Walkerston, Queensland. We thrive in helping others acheive there goal of gaining a recreational aviation licence, in saying we offer Trial instruction flights over the coast and Pioneer Valley. At Matts Flying we follow strict saftey procedures to ensure the saftey of our customer and any others, we also understand peoples abilities and thrive not only to increment their ability but their confidence as well.

Our Services

Our Savannah STOL aircraft is highly maintained and approved by
Recreational Aviation Australia. While we love flying we also like to
build close relationships with other people, in hosting events and
sponsoring local clubs. Our pilot Matthew Kucks is highly trained in
saftey and emergency situations, his qualifications covers basic pilot
certificates, through to full cross-country endorsement and conversion
from general aviation private pilot licenses.


Contact Us

Matthew Kucks
Chief Flying Instructor
0437 833 752

Postal Address
M/S 2265
228 Bells Road
Walkerston Qld 4751